About Tales of Rebels

Welcome to Tales of Rebels, in the official Tales of Rebels store on THE BALLET IN PARIS


Tales of Rebels was founded in 2014 by Camilla Nalu, in Dubai, UAE. Since then, Camilla and her huband, Nikolai Nalu ran the brand out of Los Angeles, CA. and today they run Tales of Rebels, under their fashion collective “THE BALLET IN PARIS” out of Copenhagen, Denmark (Read more about THE BALLET IN PARIS HERE)









The initial intention behind Tales of Rebels, was to offer customers high-end luxury, snake leather products, which was very successful until the birth of the original abaya, which became even more successful, and partly what the market associates with Tales of Rebels to this day. 

Today the brand has grown into a a larger fashion house, with a wider range of styles.

















If you are a whole seller / store, and wish to work with Tales of Rebels, feel free to take contact on info@talesofrebels.com

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