ROCK N ROLL PEOPLE is about ”not being ordinary”. That’s basically what it means. Whatever direction you wanna go, as long as you go for it, and try to make a difference, with a colorful twist to it, you are a “Rock N Roll person” as far as we are concerned. 

In other words, RNRP has nothing to do specifically with music, trashy backstage rooms, or anything like that.. it’s a part of it, but it does not define RNRP solely.

….and then there is the LA part of it… Hollywood.. the hills… in the dry heat under the warm Californian sun. Where dreams live and never come true, and that’s okay ‘cause it’s fun and it feels good. 















RNRP is rooted in that vibe from Marylin Monroe to James Dean to Elisabeth Tailor, to Tommy Lee, to Kim Kardashian to Mickey Rourke to Brad Pitt or Kanye West. They are all ROCK N ROLL PEOPLE and they are by all means “not ordinary”.

RNRP is supposed to be fun and unpredictable, all in good taste, style and aesthetics, conducted by the European gatekeeper, founder & designer, Nikolai Nalu.

About the founder:  

ROCK N ROLL PEOPLE is a clothing brand & online magazine founded by Danish born, Nikolai Oliver Joshua Nalu.

After a few years building products in Europe, Nikolai decided to relocate to Los Angeles, USA, where he stayed for 3 years. Nikolai opened a store on 7711 Melrose Avenue from where he designed ROCK N ROLL PEOPLE and sold European design brands.

In May 2016, Nikolai decided to move to Copenhagen, since he missed the European design and aesthetic, and his wife to be was pregnant with they son, Mason, who they wanted to deliver close to their family in Europe.

Nikolai’s designs, are mostly based on European aesthetics, in authenticity to his own upbringing - mixed with the Los Angeles environment which he has always loved.

Rock N Roll !

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Rock N Roll !!