37 Questions with DJ TIGER SENNENWALD

November 22, 2018

37 Questions with DJ TIGER SENNENWALD

In early April we met up with DJ Tiger Sennenwald from the duo Ghettoblaster and the hot spot Mau Mau, in Copenhagen Denmark.

Interview, styling and production by Nikolai Nalu // Photos: Nicky De Silva



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1. You are a DJ and a bar owner. Which is the bigger part of your identity ?

Hmm, I ’ve always been about music, so I suppose DJ. For me it’s easy to combine though, since it’s all involved music.

Photo: Sunnies from Tiger's private Gucci collection


2. How long have you been a DJ?

For about 8 years now.


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3. What kind of music do you play?

I’m a sucker for millennium R’n’B music (Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, Brandy, Toni Braxton, Tyrese, TLC. etc) and I try to mix that all into a blend of new music. Always try to keep it very positive and very summer’ish.

Photo: Shirt from Tiger's private collection


4. You play at your own club Mau Mau in Copenhagen, every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, where else do you play?

I try to play as much as I can at Mau Mau, but I do play all around Denmark.

Photo: Jacket from Tiger's private collection 


5. You used to be a drummer, what’s the story ?

I’ve always loved drums, and when my mom moved us to Jutland, I was so bored so all I did was drumming all day, and kinda became really good. I’m self taught and that payed of really well, since I got a record deal by age 15.

Photo: Jacket from Tiger's private collection 


6. You once told me that Metallica has never made a good song – I think you forgot to apologize for that… But did you mean it?

I really mean it. I don’t like the vocals. I like the grooves, but I can’t listen to music if I don’t like the vocals.


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7. Megadeth or Pantera?


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8. As a DJ, do you understand DJ’s like your fellow country man, Morten Breum @mortenofficial ?

Of course, he’s a cool guy.

Photo: Jeans, belt, boots and sunnies from Gucci Tiger's private collection


9. I agree. Who is your favorite DJ ?

No favorites. Let’s talk producers and I’m game.

Photo(s): Jeans, belt and sunnies from Gucci Tiger's private collection


10. Okay which producers do you like?

Darkchild, Teddy Riley, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Scott Storch & Dr. Dre

Photo: Jeans from Gucci & shirt from Tiger's private collection


11. What’s your take on Kanye West?

Producer wise i love him. my beautiful dark twisted fantasy album is a masterpiece.


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12. I agree! Who is an overrated / overpaid DJ ?

Gotta respect anyone making money.


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13. True dat. Who is your favorite band?


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14. Ghettoblaster is yours, tell us about that

Yes. Martin and me have been friends for many years, and we have a killer single coming out real soon.


 15. Where can we hear your music?

We will start updating our instagram so there will be no doubt when the single come out.

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16. How do you feel about new young acts like Lil Pump and Tekashi 69 ?

I’m getting old now, these guys makes music for kids, so I’m not supposed to like it. Hated the Gucci Gang song, but I did listen to other songs that I liked.


Photo: Jeans & belt from Gucci - shirt from Tiger's private collecton


17. You are in to fashion in your own personal way. As I understand it, the two key words are “90’s” and “Gucci” is that correct?

Haha I suppose you are right on.


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18. What other brands do you like (after @rocknrollpeople ofcorse) ?

Gucci & Lacoste are my own personal favorites.


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19. Are there brands you really don’t get?

Yes, but fashion is about taste, so if you like it, that’s what matters.


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20.Could you picture yourself working in fashion?

Yes, I thought about it, but I think I be to stubborn.


21. You have tons of tattoos, how many exactly?

No idea.



22.When did you get your first one, and what was it?

When I turned 18. My knuckles, that way I heard I could never get a job. Perfect.


23. Ha ha good call. But why tattoos, what turned you on to it?

Just loved colors and why not put colors on my body that makes me happy.


24. When did you get your last tattoo, and what was it?

A week ago today. A portrait of Dennis Rodman. I’ve been a fan of him since the early 90’s. I always hope I’ll bump into him when im in the states haha.


25. Will you continue to get tattoos? Is there a limit?

It hurts, I wish I could just stop now, but I still need to finish my back.


26. Is there a place you will never be tattooed?

My eyes, i could never do that. Saw a full documentary of a guy doing that on youtube. 


27. Favorite tattoo?

Right now I love the Rodman one, but I could never choose just one.


Photo: The very new Dennis Rodman tattoo on Tiger's back


28. Any tattoo(s) you regret?

I suppose, but they are all memories of a time that makes me who I am.


29. You grew up in Hundige, 2670 Greve just south of Copenhagen. Does that have any influence on your style and interests today?

Yes. Tracksuits, Sneaker & haircuts and all that reminds me of my childhood. Loved my childhood in Hundige. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time - My best memories are all from Hundige (Greve).


30. Where would you live if there were no limits (Denmark or anywhere in the world)?

LA. no doubt. I settle with New York as well haha


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31. Who is an example of someone you look up to?

My mom. She’s enjoying life and staying youthful.


32. Favorite band / musician of all time, dead or alive ?

Michael Jackson, Prince. Never goes a day without listening to both of them.


33. Do you like any Danish music ?

I love danish music so many good pop acts at the moment. I especially love the song alexander oscar - Number. and Scarlet Pleasure and all that.


34. Favorite movie(s)?

White Men, Can’t Jump.


 35. You are a vegan, so dedicated that you ate nothing through the whole photo shoot with us. What are the benefits you feel that you get from the vegan lifestyle?

Well, I don’t eat meat and nor do I use milk products. I still use leather and such, so to call me 100% vegan wouldn’t be right, but I do not intake any animal products. I stopped using milk products many years back, and I rarely ate meat. So I figured, do I really wan’t to eat something that’s already dead. No. With that said, I rarely get sick now, I feel alot more energy and better skin, so there’s no reason to stop.



36. Also you never drink alcohol. How many years has it been, and why do you stay 100% sober?

I don’t like the feeling of not being in control, and I sleep really badly if I do. That’s why I never touch it. Boring story actually, haha



37. Question 37 is your, what would you like to say?

Stay positive and keep healthy.








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